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EE in the Classroom: PowerSave Schools

EE in the Classroom: PowerSave Schools

A program that teaches kids energy efficiency and leadership skills? Now that’s a bright idea!

For the third year in a row, South Jersey Gas is pleased to support PowerSave Schools, a hands-on learning program developed by the Alliance to Save Energy (ASE). PowerSave Schools uses a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) curriculum and activities to teach students about the importance of energy efficiency and gives them the tools to save energy and money, at home and in school.

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PowerSave student teams typically consist of 10 to 30 students, often from a single class or club, and is deployed through an online platform offering all of the video lessons, quizzes, and activities students need.  Each PowerSave team is given a toolkit with energy diagnostic instruments, so students can analyze energy use of HVAC systems, lighting, and appliances, and then make recommendations for improving energy efficiency.

On average, participating schools achieve 5-15% energy savings through no-cost operations and behavior changes – which translates to thousands of dollars in savings.

“The most eye-opening part of the program for me is how giving students basic energy awareness and diagnostic skills turns them into champions for efficiency,” says Doug Abbott, Education Program Manager at the ASE. “This year, with more families being at home, we’ve heard stories from parents about students’ insistence on energy-saving behaviors, like keeping the thermostat set lower than usual, to prevent the HVAC system from consuming too much energy.”

The PowerSave Schools program empowers students to take a leadership role in making their schools and homes more energy efficient, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and saving schools thousands of dollars on their energy bills. Moreover, the program helps students develop and apply valuable leadership skills to carry forward in their education and future careers.

Through their collaboration, South Jersey Gas and the Alliance to Save Energy currently work with 30 schools in the region. About 600 students are enrolled in the year-long program, and each student impacts energy consumption in their larger school communities and homes. 

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