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EE Looks Good on You

EE Looks Good on You
There are ways to go green in your “getting ready” routine. Below are just a few tips for anyone looking to save energy and money in personal care.
  • Use natural light for makeup application or hair styling, instead of a lighted cosmetic mirror. If you prefer an illuminated mirror, use one with battery-operated lights.
  • Unplug all those tools, such as heat-styling appliances, which can draw energy even when in the “off” mode.
  • Swap out tissues and other paper products with a soft cloth that can be laundered. You’ll reduce paper trash and conserve paper products.
  • Wash your hair less. Replacing one regular shampoo wash per week with dry shampoo saves 500 liters of water per year.*
  • Air dry your hair. Or use the hair dryer’s “cool” setting to blow dry your hair; it takes more energy to heat the hair dryer’s air.
  • Take showers instead of baths. Also consider setting a timer for your shower – shorter showers save more energy.
  • Turn off bathroom exhaust fans 15 minutes after showering, and learn other ways to save water around the house.
Make Your Own No-Sew Scrunchie
Recycle some fabric and make your very own hair scrunchie, without needing to sew!
Learn with this short video on YouTube.
*According to botanical hair care brand Klorane.
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