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Safe in the Heat

Safe in the Heat

Safe Summer: Hydrate & Avoid Heat-Related Illness

Hot days and high humidity are hallmarks of summer. As temperatures rise, it’s important to stay hydrated to avoid heat-related illness, which can be dangerous.

Heat-related illness (or hyperthermia) can happen when the body is exposed to extreme heat, cannot properly cool down and causes a rapid rise in body temperature. Normally, body heat is removed through the evaporation of sweat. However, when the humidity is high, sweat does not evaporate as quickly, so body heat cannot be released rapidly. Cooling the core body temperature is vital to reducing heat-related illness – and you can also take steps to prevent it.

Drinking enough fluids is one of the most important things you can do to prevent heat illness. It’s recommended that you hydrate before you feel thirsty. By the time you feel thirsty, you’re already behind in fluid replacement.

Water is one of the best ways to stay hydrated and energized – dehydration is often a reason for low energy. See the tips below for ways to drink more water.

  • Carry a water bottle with you and refill it throughout the day.
  • Freeze some freezer-safe water bottles to take along with you for ice-cold water throughout the day.
  • Select water over soft drinks or other beverages.
  • Order water when dining out, which will save money and decrease calorie intake.
  • Choose to serve water during meals at home.
  • To add some flavor and change up the taste of water, add fruit slices, fresh or frozen berries or mint leaves.

Heat-related Illness: Know the Signs

Heat-related illnesses are preventable! Learn the warning signs from the Centers for Disease Control.

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