Increasing RNG Supply through Strategic Partnerships

Working with clean energy producers across the region
ETG is actively working with RNG producers to interconnect various RNG projects across our service territory.
Utilizing our safe and reliable natural gas distribution systems, our partnerships with producers will provide pathways for RNG benefits to be realized.

Interconnection Process & Requirements 
ETG standard interconnect procedures are used to evaluate biogas projects. The process lays out a pathway to interconnection and gas purchase.
Click here to view the process steps in pdf.

Step 1

Interested in Connecting?

Step 2
What Happens Next 

Our Strategic Team will contact you after we receive your RNG Interconnection Interest Form. We will discuss your Proposed Project and provide an “RNG Interconnection Application” for you to complete and submit. The Application will request information relating to:

  • Producer Information
  • Project Location
  • Feedstock and Production Volume
  • Commercial Operation Date

The completed Application will allow our Strategic Team to begin a Project Feasibility Analysis.

Step 3
Project Feasibility Analysis

During this step, our team will assess the viability of the RNG Interconnect Project. During the analysis our team will consider:

  • Producer Financial Review
  • Project Specifics
  • o Location
  • o Gas Production Volumes
  • o Construction and Operating Costs
  • o Drawings and Permitting

Step 4
Execute RNG Interconnect Agreement and Gas Purchase Agreement

Upon completion of the Project Feasibility Analysis, the parties can proceed to negotiating the RNG Interconnect Agreement and Gas Purchase Agreement. The Interconnect Agreement focuses on the commercial terms and conditions of accepting gas from the proposed RNG facility.  Some terms include:

  • Gas Quality Monitoring
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Gas Measurement Requirements

Step 5
Engineering and Construction

Once the Agreement is executed, we can proceed with planning our engineering and construction phases. Our Project Team will determine a schedule to design, permit, and construct an RNG Interconnection that aligns with Producers Commercial Operation Date.

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