Workforce Development Program

Elizabethtown Gas has partnered with Build Green Maine to offer three residential energy efficiency training programs. All training courses will be offered at no cost to participants and will be fully funded by the Elizabethtown Gas Workforce Development program. We are excited to offer the trainings listed below to bolster the local workforce and support New Jersey’s more energy-efficient future. With diversity, equity and inclusion in mind and a focus on overburden communities, everyone can take advantage of the program to expand your knowledge as the energy efficiency industry continues to rapidly expand. In addition to training, Elizabethtown Gas will work to connect successfully certified participants with potential employment opportunities.  

Build Green Maine’s Building Performance Institute (BPI) certification course covers everything a candidate needs to know and demonstrate to successfully obtain BPI certification. The curriculum addresses all the testable knowledge items listed for the BPI Building Science Principles, Building Analyst Technician and Building Analyst Professional certifications. All certifications require passing an online or field test based on the course.  The courses are designed to prepare industry professionals for careers in energy auditing, building diagnosis and inspection, air sealing & insulation installation, and high-performance construction. Participants do not need to be an Elizabethtown Gas customer to take advantage of this opportunity! See below for course related details. 

  1. Building Science Principles (BSP) Certificate Training – This one-day class is designed for new entrants to the energy efficiency industry, as well as back-office personnel who support industry work.  The BSP is now the starting point for the professional BPI certifications.  It provides an overview of the energy efficiency industry, residential construction and building systems, the field of Building Science and the basics of energy conservation.  Upon completion of the program, participants will need to pass a 100-question BPI test to earn a Building Science Principles Certificate.  

  2. Building Analyst Technician (BAT) Certification Training – With a prerequisite of the BSP Certificate, the BAT course will prepare workers for the field of weatherization, whether as energy auditors or weatherization technicians.  Building on the BSP, this course provides detailed learning and practice of building inspection, data gathering, diagnostic testing, energy conservation measures, HVAC systems and health and safety concerns.  Upon completion of this training class, students will need to pass a 4-hour proctored field exam in order to gain the BPI Building Analyst Technician certification.  

  3. Building Analyst Professional (BAP) Certification Training – With a prerequisite of the BAT certification, the BAP course will upskill existing professionals with work scope development, energy modeling, HVAC systems, best practices, and on-site management.  Upon completion of this training class, students will need to pass a 2-hour proctored online exam in order to gain the BPI Building Analyst Professional certification 

Wrap-around services are intended to assist participants in a way that makes it easy for them to participate in this Workforce Development program. Assistance available could include childcare, transportation and supplemental income. Please review some of the below resources in the State of New Jersey to understand what types of services may be available to you.


If you are interested in participating in the Workforce Development Program, please submit a registration form. Courses are intended for graduating high school seniors or individuals who are 18 years or older.  

Registration Form

For questions or additional information, please contact Casey Hennessy at  

2024 Course Schedule

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January 2024


January 10
Building Science Principles


January 11 & January 12
Building Analyst Professional


January 29
Building Science Principles

February 2024


February 5 & February 6
Building Analyst Technician - Webinars


February 12 - February 21
Building Analyst Technician - Field Training & Testing


February 26
Building Science Principles

March 2024


March 5 & March 6
Building Analyst Professional


March 25
Building Science Principles

April 2024


April 1 & April 2
Building Analyst Technician - Webinars


April 8 - April 17
Building Analyst Technician - Field Training & Testing


April 29
Building Science Principles

May 2024


May 14 & May 15
Building Analyst Professional


May 23
Building Science Principles


May 28 & May 29
Building Analyst Technician - Webinars

June 2024


June 3 - June 12
 Building Analyst Technician - Field Training & Testing


June 18 & June 19
 Building Analyst Professional


June 24
 Building Science Principles

July 2024


July 8 & July 9
Building Analyst Technician - Webinars


July 15 - July 19
Building Analyst Technician - Field Training & Testing


July 30
Building Science Principles

August 2024


August 26
Building Science Principles

September 2024


September 9 & September 10
Building Analyst Technician - Webinars


September 16 - September 24
Building Analyst Technician - Field Training & Testing


September 26 & September 27
Building Analyst Professional


September 30
Building Science Principles

October 2024


October 15 & October 16
Building Analyst Technician - Webinars


October 21 - October 25
Building Analyst Technician - Field Training & Testing

November 2024


November 1
Building Science Principles


November 6 & November 7
Building Analyst Professional


November 25
Building Science Principles

December 2024


December 3 & December 4
Building Analyst Technician - Webinars


December 9 - December 13
Building Analyst Technician - Field Training & Testing


December 18 & December 19
Building Analyst Professional

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